UniVent Ventilation Cowls

UniVent Ventilation Cowls

UniVent is a series of universal ventilation cowls for air inflow and extraction. The cowls are made for flat roofs and pitched roofs and cover all roofing types, such as roofing membrane, tile, eternit, slate and steel.

The basic idea is to provide a series of variants within one product range covering an easy-to-mount product system of Ø125 mm, Ø160 mm and Ø200 mm.

The ventilation cowls are made from high-quality aluminium with a unique low pressure drop. The cowls can be used on insulated and uninsulated roof surfaces alike.

The ventilation cowl is optimized against pressure drop and has undergone ventilation-system fireproofing testing pursuant to DS428.

FIXNORDIC’s UniVent product range has qualified for and is registered in the database for building materials that may be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building projects.

Pitched roofs

Flat roofs


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