Flat roofs

UniVent ventilation cowls with roofing felt

UniVent for flat roofs in black, powder-coated aluminium and factory-mounted roofing felt (first layer) for mounting on roofs with roofing felt. Flexible roof pitch, 0–5°, to accommodate the roof incline. Dimensions: Ø125 mm or Ø160 mm. The units are available as insulated or as uninsulated with a condensation insert/collar. Slide-in pipe connector included.

The ventilation cowl is optimised against pressure drop and has undergone ventilation-system fireproofing testing pursuant to DS 428.

Technical data

Ventilation cowls: Aluminium-based components, black powder-coated RAL 9005.

Bottom flange: Stainless steel AISI 304, with integrated SBS (first layer) or APP modified bitumen.

The insulated product variants comply with the fire-safety requirements for insulation, cf. DS 428, and, on the basis of DS 428, fire-safety tests have been carried out on non-insulated product variants. These tests have demonstrated a good fire-safety resistance to a standard fire for up to 60 minutes (cf. DBi ISO 834).

The uninsulated product variants come with a condensation safeguard which reduces the risk of condensation forming due to moist ventilation air.

Product item overview
Ø125 First layer for flat roof Condensation insert 9012500-101
Ø160  First layer for flat roof Condensation insert 9016000-101
Ø125  First layer for flat roof Insulated 9112500-101
Ø160 First layer for flat roof Insulated 9116000-101
Ø200  First layer for flat roof Insulated 9120000-101

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