Console System Climate Products

- UniMount Frame system for Heatpumps and Ventilation systems

Console System Climate Products

Console System Climate Products – UniMount – is developed to fixate Heat Pumps and Ventilation Systems. As fixation we use FIXNORDIC Console System with Roof Consoles reinforced to resist roof-parallel forces.

The system consists of roof consoles and a console system, which ensures the correct rigidity in the system, on which you can mount the relevant heat pump or ventilation system.

UniMount can be delivered specificalle for heat pumps or as a project delivery, where FIXNORDIC can take part of the planning of the system.

sole system below

Full Warranty on the whole System

At FIXNORDIC we do not only deliver products. We provide secure solutions for penetration of the roof surface, which can resist wind and weather. This is guaranteed through our unique patents, external testing as well as our own technical calculations.


Do you need advice and Guidance?

All assignments are unique and require the right calculations to create a long-term solution for the roof surface.

We love to be the experts on this area and knowing, that we can face our customers with our calculations and our quality products. This goes for today, but also in the future.

We handle the “standard solutions”, but we also love a good challenge. So, if you have an assignment to solve, please let us help you find the best solution for your next project.

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