Roof vent, 20x20 universal incline, elastic

FIXNORDIC’s range of roof vents is based on a standard vent of 200 x 200 mm in black aluminium. The vent is mountable on 11–55° pitched roofs with FastFlash, a factory-integrated, elastic, lead-free flashing material to ensure the roof’s watertightness. 

Technical data

• Our standard flashing is available with black FastFlash as the flashing material. Fast Flash is an
elastic, lead-free flashing material with a fully adhesive rear surface. Available in other types and colours.

• Lower section attached ex works to ensure watertightness around the pipe emerging from the roof surface.

• The standard model is a square pipe in black powder-coated aluminium, but is available in other materials and colours.

• Top cover made of the same material as the square pipe.

Product item overview
Black aluminium FastFlash, black Not insulated 8012055-520
Black aluminium FastFlash, black Insulated 8112055-520
Zinc FastFlash, black Not insulated 8022055-520
Zinc FastFlash, black Insulated 8122055-520