Console system, Solar PV

– roof consoles for all types of roof

Console system, Solar PV

Respect for the design and quality of the roof surface is essential for FIXNORDIC. That’s why the following factors are important:

  • Preserving the original function of the roof
  • The drainage capability of the roof must not be impaired
  • FIXNORDIC roof consoles ensure that the roof membrane and insulation are not exposed to strain

The console frame is raised from the roof surface so that it is only attached to the roof using fully watertight roof consoles. These consoles have good load-bearing capacity, as they are mounted directly into the structural framework of the roof. As there are at least 4 consoles per frame, this provides strong forces paralleling the roof as well.

Which type of roof is involved in your project?
Depending on roof type, FIXNORDIC offers customised solutions. Select the roof type that suits your current project below.

We also provide advice, guidance and structural engineering.

With FIXNORDIC as your supplier, you are in safe hands when it comes to calculating wind load, snow load and load-bearing capacity. The reason our products are so technically sound and unique is, among other things, the thorough, intelligent and foresighted engineering. Every little detail can make a big difference.

We handle both standard and customised solutions. So if you have a job to do, we will gladly help you find the most ideal solution for your next project.

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