Cable flashing Flat roof Ø75/110mm

Secure cable- and pipe flashings for installation on roofs with bitumen or foil membranes, through which cables can be pulled without obstacles from edges and protruding contours.

Cable flashings come in Ø75mm and Ø110mm.

Cable flashings are delivered in PP plastic or stainless-steel bends

Technical data

Bending: Stainless steel AISI 304 or PP Plastic. 2 pcs. of detachable bendings.

Flange: Stainless steel89

Pipe: Stainless steel

Membrane: The type of the membrane must be specified by ordering. 

Cable Flashing ø75 mm Plastic bending 71075KP-P-xxx
Cable Flashing ø110 mm Plastic bending 71110KP-P-xxx
Cable Flashing ø75 mm Stainless steel bending 71075KP-R-xxx
Cable Flashing ø110 mm Stainless steel bending 71110KP-R-xxx
xxx=membrane no.

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Full Warranty on the whole System

At FIXNORDIC we do not only deliver products. We provide secure solutions for penetration of the roof surface, which can resist wind and weather. This is guaranteed through our unique patents, external testing as well as our own technical calculations.