Soil-pipe vent, with black FastFlash

Used for soil-pipe flashing. The dual-pipe model is used when the soil pipe penetrates the roof surface. The movable dual pipe is inserted into the soil pipe where it is sealed tight with a rubber ring.

Soil pipe flashing ensures a watertight flashing in the roof surface itself and ensures airtight extension of the soil pipe up to the inlet above the roof surface.

Technical data

Available in stainless steel, AISI 304 and zinc no. 14, with SBS and APP roofing felt or with roof foil.

Soil-pipe flashing is also available without a roof membrane.

In addition, the soil-pipe flashing is available in black PVC plastic without a roof membrane.

Product item overview
Ø50 mm Stainless steel FastFlash, black 76050-99-520
Ø75 mm Stainless steel FastFlash, black 76075-99-520
Ø90 mm Stainless steel FastFlash, black 76090-99-520
Ø110 mm Stainless steel FastFlash, black 76110-99-520
Ø50 mm Zinc FastFlash, black 77050-99-520
Ø75 mm Zinc FastFlash, black 77075-99-520
Ø90 mm Zinc FastFlash, black 77090-99-520
Ø110 mm Zinc FastFlash, black 77110-99-520


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