Flat roofs

Cable and pipe flashing, Ø160 mm

Secure cable and pipe flashing for installations on roofs with roofing felt or foil membranes through which cables can be drawn without obstacles from edges or projecting contours.

Removable cover which is removed and reattached after a cable or pipe has been led in.

Technical data

Top: Aluminium with EPDM rubber moulding

Pipe: Stainless steel, AISI 316, with EPDM rubber moulding

Flange: Stainless steel

Membrane: Please specify the type of integrated membrane when submitting your order 

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Full warranty for the entire system.

At FIXNORDIC, we don’t just supply products. We supply safe, reliable systems for penetrating the roof surface that are resistant to the elements. This is guaranteed by our unique patents, third-party testing and our own technical calculations.